Lombok, Asian Style Decoration

I was surprised during the weekend when I was asked to make a review about the Lombok webpage, a website about decoration Asian style; because, they don’t speak Spanish, neither the webpage nor the askers.
However, they have been very specific that they desire that my opinion must come from this blog, so it’s time that I do my part.

The Opinion of The Decorator

Evidently, Im not the big expert in the matter of Asian decoration; but I have an ace up my sleeve, my Mom.

To the great fortune of the Lombok friends my Mother is obsessed with decoration, so much that my friends and me sometimes call her «Elsa Stewart», because of the famous decorator «Martha Stewart», she is her fan; my Mother’s love for decoration is such that sometimes we are watching a movie, or some TV series and she says things like «Did you see the curtain?» or «Such a beautiful bed!» and I say «what curtain?» «what bed?» because I just don understand that someone pays so much attention to a movie or TV series decoration, but that’s the way she is, she loves it, evidently she has the house gorgeous in consequence.

Often I have told her that she should make a blog to write about decoration, because i sincerely think that she is all an expert in the matter.
Precisely , one of her hobbys is to wander the Internet and check thousand of websites about decoration from everywhere and of every style, although her favorite is the Country style, it’s clear that she knows how to appreciate everyone of them.

I thought that it would be unfair that a guy like me, that practically doesn’t knows nothing about the matter, gives an opinion, instead, I just called my Mom and asked her to give me her sincere opinion about the Lombok website, her words were just of praise, «Such a beautifulness!», «That’s gorgeous», «They got that wonderfully». So we can say that my Mom’s opinion is totally positive; she loves the Lombok website.

Asian style beds

In a general way my Mother and me loved de Lombok site, the lighting, the desks, the tables, and of course the beds, I been asked to focus my review around the beds, and after taking a good while checking that section of the website we understand why.
The Lombok decorators have a wide and gorgeous selection of wooden beds.

My Mom point me about the beds with ceiling (I have to apologize here, there is a word in spanish for this, but I dont know it for english, sorry) that she think are awesome, of course she loved almost all the others too (but one) I, by my side noted that they have an offer, when you buy a bed, you get a free sheet, I wonder if it will be one of the beautiful sheets that they show in the images.

Watch the way that this handmade beds have a strong style, even without polish or with a very soft one, this contributes to create a very natural ambient

So friends, if you are interested in eastern decoration, if you are looking for an asian style for your homes, don’t miss Lombok you will be fascinated by their catalog

English in a blog in spanish?

I have to apologize, I was asked to do this review for a website in English, but my blog is in Spanish, and Spanish is my natural language, Im sure there are lots of mistakes in this post, Im sorry, but Im unable to see them, I did my best, this is the level of English that I have at the moment, sorry.
I have try to make a post in English because I think its unfair that they ask me to do a review but then most of the customers coming from this blog wouldn’t understand the website, so I tryed to give them a better chance.

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