Flight of the Concords

¿Se acuerdan de Zyllan?, que nos envió el meme aquel divertido alucinante, pues leyendo su blog, me he encontrado con esta maravilla:

The distant future
The year 2000
The distant future, the year 2000
The distant future
The distant future

The future is quite different to the present
The one thing we have in common with the present is we still call it the present, even though it’s the future
What you call the present we call the past, so you guys are way behind

Yes, the world is quite different now
There are no more elephants
There is no more unethical treatment of elephants either
The world is a much better place

There are no more humans
Finally, robotic beings rule the world
The humans are dead
The humans are dead
We used poisonous gases
And we poisoned their asses
The humans are dead (he’s right they are dead)
The humans are dead (look at that one it’s dead)
It had to be done (I’ll just confirm that they’re dead)
So that we could have fun (affirmative, I poked one, it was dead)

System of aggression
What did it lead to?
Global robot depression
Robots ruled by people
They got so much aggression that we just had to kill them, had to shut their systems down

Captain, do you not see the irony, by destroying the humans because of their destructive capabilities we have become like…do you see what we’ve…see what we’ve done?
Yes, so?
Silence! Destroy him!
(Too Boo Too Too Too Boo)

After time we grew strong
Developed cognitive powers
They made us work for too long
For unreasonable hours
Our programming determined that the most efficient answer was to shut their motherboardfucking systems down

Can’t we just talk to the humans?
A little understanding could make things better.
Can’t we talk to the humans and work together now?
No, because they are dead
I said the humans are dead (he’s right they are dead)
The humans are dead (sniff this one it’s dead)
We used poisonous gasses (with traces of lead)
And we poisoned their asses (actally, their lungs)

Binary Solo!

O, O O 1, O O 1!
Come on sucker, lick my battery!

Boogie, boogie, boogie, robo boogie!
Boogie, boogie, boogie!

The Humans Are Dead!

Once again without emotion, the humans are dead dead dead dead dead dead dead doooooooooo…….

Frodo, don’t wear the ring
I know it’s very tempting
Yes, you will appear to disappear
But the dark riders, they’ll know you’re there
Yes, lord Sauron has many spies (many spies have many eyes)

One ring to bind them, to find them, one ring to rule them all
One ring to bind them, one to find them, one ring to rule them all!
Yeah, little Frodo!
You’ve got to rule them!
Frodo, rule them with the ring!
Come on, rule them with your ring, yeah!

«Lord Sauron has many spies, and beasts, and birds»
«If you want him, come and claim him!»
«Do they, Gandalf?»
«I’m not a conjurer of cheap tricks!»
«I can’t carry the ring, but I can carry you, Mr. Frodo»
«You have my sword»
«And my bow»
«And my axe»
*speaks elfish*

«We’ll never make it! There’s thousands of them and only nine of us!»
«We made it!»
«Hooray! We made it!»

Hey Frodo, what you doing wearing the ring?
All powerful jewellery, is that your new thing?
I know it’s hard when you’re little more than 3 foot 4
Your little ass so close to the floor
Trying to lead your fellows to the gates of Mordor
The fellowship
Yeah, the fellowship
I don’t rap about bitches and hoes, I rap about witches and trolls
Just passing on the words of the Elven king,
Wisdom to all
Frodo! Don’t wear the ring!

Frodo, don’t wear the ring!
The magical bling bling
You’ll never be the Lord of the Rings

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